Bike Hop: Be a BMX Rider


Hop as far as you can go on your bike, then go further! Bike Hop: speed up and jump over hills, cows, motorcycles, carts and more. The further your dude flies, the more points you earn!


– Speed up as fast as you can

– Learn to hop far and fast

– Train your reaction speed

– Beat records

– Tap, tap, tap!

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  1. High was the only thing on my mind that was the best way for the update and I have a great time and not Thur I don’t know if I could do you have to go out there for a few times

  2. LOL! I broke the game! There is nothing after 6500 meters. The map just ends and he goes sailing off into a blue backscreen horizon. I loved getting there though. I had a lot of fun.

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