Draw Climber

Category: Arcade

By Voodoo


Funniest race you ever played!

Draw your legs to win the race!

Any drawing will make you run!

When you are stuck you can draw another shape to pass!

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  1. I mean it’s FINE, but this is not the only game by Voodoo that has terrible reviews and so many problems. This game has ABC Mouse, and other ads after every round. That’s every 30 seconds. You spend more time watching ads then playing. Secondly, remove the “through”! Big ‘legs’ make you go faster, but this feature makes you legs break, and lose! Thirdly, the coins are mostly useless. I already have 3000 coins, however I can’t buy anything other than the speed upgrade and offline earnings. I can’t buy any characters are other features. But it’s not just this game with so many bugs, its other games by Voodoo too,with way to many ads, or lags. Thank you Voodoo, and please update your games with less ads and the bugs cured.

  2. Absolute waste of a download. I don’t think there was a single “level” that I lost because it is so stupidly easy to win all of them. Just draw a long line and curve it a bit and bam you will win. The difficulty of the “levels” does not increase whatsoever and the game becomes mundane in about 38 seconds. 30 of which were spent watching an irritating beyond belief ad.

  3. This game could be fun, but any more than surface level playing and it has a lot of issues. You are maxed out in terms of the only reward, coins, at 50k. The various different items you run across are the most in terms of interesting new content that makes you want to play more, with rapidly fleeting effects. Coins can purchase a speed boost (which at a point does absolutely nothing) or off-line earnings which again are limited to earning 50k coins! It never lets you collect anymore than 50k coins ever ruining any sense of progression. Completing missions also subsequently feels pointless as they only provide a coin reward. This needs a lot more work than just adding more animations upon winning.

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