Genius shooter – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (iOS)


Genius shooter fights the evil walkers!

Shoot and run, you do whatever it takes to escape from the undead evil of zombie land. Choose from a myriad weapon and use countless combinations of unique skills designed just for you to kill the undead and survive! Our challenges will have you defeating monsters in speed and style. The experience is promised to be relentlessly adventurous and addictively fun!

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  1. Genius shooter is a beautiful graphic game with expert level game play. I personally like to play this amazing game server times . Highly recommended

  2. Very fun game with several similar games in the marketplace, but the options and power-ups are two things that separate this game from said others. Lots of fun to play, and plenty of replay value.

  3. To be honest, I love this game. I feel this is the absolute best archero-like mobile game on the app store. However, I take issue with the fact that you can actually dodge your healing skill, which has caused me to fail more than a few runs.

  4. অনেক সুন্দর একটি গেইম। আমি মনে করি যারা ফায়ার গেইম খেলতে পছন্দ করেন তাদের এই অ্যাপটি একবার ইনসঃ্টল করে দেখা উচিৎ। ধন্যবাদ এই রকম অ্যাপ বানানোর জন্য

  5. Amazing game. I love the simplistic controls that this game has. It is by far the best shooting game I have ever played on my phone. I would strongly recommend you download this now!!

  6. Very fun game. I enjoy this game. I am playing this game from last two month. I like weapons s that are to upgrade. And their are too many maps to play. Thanks for developing such game.

  7. This game offers a common gameplay to other similar style of games, however, the style, visuals and leveling aspects of the game feel providing a true new gaming experience. Great work, keep it up.

  8. Genius Shooter is very interesting game. I liked this game very much, I rate this game 5 stars. I love this game very much, but one request is that develop the characters and maps and many things were very good, we want some interesting gamplay I am thankful to having this type of game Thank you.

  9. I am a big fan and a regular player but since few weeks this game is giving problem in loading. I thought the problem is in my device but after changing the device problem is still there. Plz fix it.

  10. Better than archero. All archero copycats basically put their own theme on the exact same game and make the controls worse. This game has the great controls that makes archero top dog then fixes all the things that make archero annoying. The only reason for 4 stars is because I often accidentally hit my special ability while moving and I also reroll my skill choice while trying to move at end of level as the reroll button is right where you would normally have your thumb to move. Otherwise 5

  11. It’s amazing and awesome . It became a habit of playing this game in my daily routine. Specially I like the awesome characters. But sometime it doesn’t responds and gradually it comes bug. And I have to again restart the game and I loose points.

  12. Over all its a nice game! My suggest is add more heroes to join in battle, add more enemy, add more boss fight! Add more mission, and add more exciting battle, add more map! Thanks for a nice game!

  13. I’ve never really been interested in mobile games until I found this one. Love relaxing fun games, especially when an RPG is involved. Fantastic work developers. Looking forward to what more you might have coming,especially more character /or weapon/gameplay ! Keep up the awesome work! Thanks.

  14. The game is good but last update you took away the enemy explosion when they are defeated. Maybe just a bug that you will fix but thanks for reading this review

  15. Wow, what awesome game to play, it is so relaxing and refreshing as well as challenging, I love it. Fantastic, fantastic game for me to play when I a stressed out, it seems to keep me focused on what I am doing and that is what I am aiming to do at this point. So thank you so much.

  16. Love this game and been playing it for long time. I use it to relax as there’s no time pressure on levels, it has happy graphs and sounds and offers a wide range of events, competitions and rewards, next to the regular level-up path. Being able to complete a level often is a mix of luck…

  17. This is a fun game. You can play this game without the constant need to spend real money and still have fun. If you do want to make a purchase the price is reasonable and the help it gives you is worth it.

  18. Great game and they help you with issues in a timely manner. I was a little confused with some things that changed with the update but it was resolved right away.

  19. Brilliant Archero like game. Tons of options and I love that you can buy out of ads forever for less than $10. Top marks for the music in the game, bravo

  20. Game wont load past the 1st screen Reply to devs Hiw can i possibly give you more stars? There was no attempt to help me and since i have never been able to even load the game i cant say abything about it…. My review will stay at 1 star

  21. A ripoff of archero, game won’t load on Samsung S5 so I had to download on my sister’s s10. Played it graphics are horrible, lots of lag, and everything looks like archero. Upgrade paths archero, chests archero, characters are even legit archero. At least be creative with your game and make it so it’s not a ripoff. Anyways the game sucks and is horrible.

  22. Pretty good Archero type game with unique abilities. My only gripe is that the joystick seems buggy in the sense that when I’m moving sometimes the character all the sudden stops moving causing me to get hit

  23. Pretty good start but the game has some serious problems. No i-frames from what I can tell. Easy to just get zerged down to nothing. Also when a room is complete, damage can still be dealt by traps. That’s ridiculous; an NPC stopped me and after closing it out, I had fallen to a ground saw. This alone put my rating to 1 star. Also the joystick will stop moving when you go down too far. Fix is needed, review is always updated as long as the dev does their thing.

  24. The game has potential but the controls are jacked up and very bugged. You can move up no problem but when you try to move down it just freezes or doesn’t respond at all

  25. Okay I’m done playing this game you get one star because your controls do not respond when I’m trying to move the character then I get hit and then I die I do not enjoy this game and I do not recommend anybody to play this game

  26. I love the game. Except for one very big issue I have. PLEASE get rid of the timed chests from levels.I don’t want to have to wait for loot that I have earned. Also If I have the pizza(stamina) to play again, I want to play again. These chests are actively keeping me from playing.This is seriously my most hated thing about mobile games (even more than pay to win). I delete games for this all the time and I don’t want to do it to this one. Please please please fix this.

  27. Wow this gane is amzing.New weapon.A variety of style heroes, a variety of firearms, Gatling, AK-47,RPG, pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns, waiting for you to play.Exciting game levels.Each chapter is a different game scene, different game monsters, different attack methods! Control your favorite heroes.

  28. Genius shooter is wonderful shooting game i have ever came acrossed..its a bit adictive..i enjoy playing this …pwoli application anu eth..ellarum try cheyth nokanm

  29. Genius Shooter je skvelá hra. Velmi sa mi páči grafika tejto hry a ma tiez velmi dobru hratelnost. Prijemny oddych po praci. Urcite odporucam. Palec hore pre vyvojara.

  30. Well, I like the game. Though there is still a lot of room for improvement, the early game is decent and challenging enough. However in later stages, player upgrades are outnumbered by enemy stat scaling.

  31. I thought the dungeons were too easy before. That may just be me I guess. Can‘t wait for the third dungeon to open. Keep up the good work, love the game!

  32. Ol i gave u 5 stars but yet it still wont work for me. I have an lg stylo 5 with quallcom an snapdragon 8. 64 gigs of memory and 64 on my internal. What is the problem?

  33. Unable to load the game. I installed it and as soon as the game launched I couldn’t get past the main screen. Any one else have the same issue??

  34. The game is great. Works flawless, cute and fun. Minor issues that will hopefully be fixed. 1. I collected so many shards for another character but still says not enough. There is no way to check how much I have. 2. It would be nice to actually see the new outfits on the character when equipped.

  35. Game is broken.. can’t even get pass the main screen… I’ve read other comments about this game not working… looks good want to play it but can’t it’s a shame.. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!

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