It’s Literally Just Mowing

Category: Arcade

By Protostar


Leave your worries behind and enter the calm, simple world of mowing. Love nature? Love mowing? Love the simple life? Find it all as your mower turns troublesome turf into backyard bliss. Zone out and mow to your heart’s content, totally stress free. No penalties, no score, it’s literally just mowing. The perfect casual zen experience. From seedlings to great oaks, everyone can enjoy the mowing life.

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  1. Loving the game so far, so simple and mindless but that’s the best part. And boy customising a mower, who wouldn’t want to do that? Being from NZ myself I have noticed a lot of kiwiana road names which is great, is the developer from NZ also? Anyways would def recommend for anyone looking to kill some time.

  2. Simple, easy to control, and VERY visually appealing. It’s also extremely relaxing. Mower parts and clothing items are easy to earn. Simple game, and is exactly what its claims to be. Love it. It is a bit repetitive but still a fun little time waster!

  3. Very fun and relaxing. I like it alot im only a few houses in and already received a new hat,wheels,chair, and mower. So far great experience. Im also glad so far no limits to how much you can play. HUGE PLUS. I hope it stays that way.

  4. I cant stop playing. I’m at work and literally can’t stop (I’m also working too). I can finally cut lawns, which I enjoy, without my allergies bothering me!

  5. Game okay but please get rid of that emoji smiley face when u finish the area it does not fit the game. Also add more worlds rather than the same grass world with slightly different houses, make maybe like underwater or volcano etc with different chests and cosmetics just to make the game more fun to play and interesting.

  6. Well on my list of games I never thought I would enjoy is now a game about literally mowing the grass! Great game and the grass is so nice and relaxing my only feedback is to add some more humor and creativity to the game would be to have the players grass cutting patterns actually be visible vs the generic patterns revealed.

  7. Hell yeah. I could play this game all day. Wish there were more spaces for toolboxes though. Also, a hovering mower would be cool – Back to the Future style…

  8. I can’t tell you why I downloaded it and mowed 6 lawns without stopping. I can’t tell your why I’m enjoying the absolute fool out of this game. It’s literally just mowing. But it speaks to me. Maybe there will be challenges or something to come along later, but the only bad thing about this game are the stupid advertising games that look like the person that made them has no concept of how to make a game. Especially compared to this masterpiece. This is Angry Birds level here.

  9. It’s a good game, but they advertise their own apps too much. I’d understand if advertisement is for revenue on a free game, but it’s unnecessary to show your own app after every level. Other than that I have no complaints and the advertisements aren’t a huge issue. All in all it’s a good app that is really free and you can actually enjoy it without spending a dime!

  10. I think this game is amazing I just got a limited addition body to my mower because I did the early access which is pretty cool this game is addictive and I recommend this game to anyone the game is also satisfying to cut grass which is weird but cool

  11. I remember when I played God of War on PS4 for the first time. It was a life changing experience, the graphics, the story, the gameplay, everything just blended together so perfectly. I’m so happy to say that It’s Literally Just Mowing is the first game since then to give me that feeling. This is the Game of the Year 2020. TLOU2 and Cyberpunk 2077 have no chance.

  12. Having playing sling kong since it first came out and beta testing super starfish (which I still love). This weird lawn mowing thing took me by surprise. It’s almost like someone other than protostar built it. Terrible controls and nothing in it to make me want to keep playing it. Bit miss sadly.

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